Week 8 — done!  Had a good training week this week and managed to hit the Fink schedule spot on.  Very pleased with that, and the training felt quality, too.

A good run and a swim with NEWT on Tuesday, and a turbo session and brick run on Wednesday.  Thursday I hit the hill on the bike at lunchtime — only an hour, but I managed 15 miles with 900 feet of climb.  I’m conscious of the Blaenavon Triathlon fast approaching, and that my hill cycling needs some serious work.

Swam on Thursday with NEWT again (some hard drills, inc kicking for 200m, etc), a nice trail run on Friday, then on Saturday I took the bike for another, longer hilly ride.  I rode up Fiddler’s Elbow, over the Blorenge mountain and down into Blaenavon, tacking on a 10 mile loop out to Usk to finish off.  Damn, that hill was hard.  I admit, I had to stop, but I was pleased I did it in the end.  It was about 2 degrees, but I was sweating so much I was steaming.  About 2,000 feet of climb, I still averaged about 15mph on the move.  A hard ride, but it’s set a standard which I can only improve on.

Nice run yesterday with a friend and the dogs, and last night I indulged in a couple of beers.  Sunday night is the only night I have a drink now, and even then I can pretty much take it or leave it.  Has somebody seen Tim?  Honestly, the me of now wouldn’t be recognised by the me of a couple of years ago.

Quote of the week from my missus: “What, you’re not going to stop all this after Ironman?”  Hmmm.

For the future: I need more work on the bike.  Still considering a bike fitting, although I feel good on the bike and don’t have any major issues.  Leg strength needs work, I might start slipping in a gym session early on a Friday morning (I hate gyms, but only once per week isn’t too bad). Training plan moves to 3 swims per week soon anyway, so I could do gym then swim.  Oh, and start dropping hints to wife about Ironmans in more exotic places than Bolton …

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