A good week this week.  Couple of hours on turbo, two great swims with NEWT (regularly hitting over a mile in an hour now, and often finishing the sets and doing more … great bunch of people in Lane 1!).  Also had two good runs on Friday and Saturday, an hour each, around 7 miles.

Jumped on bike for a two hour ride today with the intention of trying to push it a bit.  It’s hilly around here wherever I go, so was hoping for 16mph or above.  90 minutes into the ride … crash!  I hit a crumbling bit at the side of the road, front wheel fell into a rut, and I tumbled.  First time I’ve come off whilst on the move (the other two offs have been, embarrassingly, because of shoe clips whilst stationary).  I reckon I was only doing maybe 10mph, but hit the ground hard.  Ouch!

A nice couple behind me stopped to see if I was OK.  I was more worried about the bike … chain off, drop bar handle’s tape battered a bit, but otherwise it looks and rides fine.  Phew.  As for me … banged elbow, and a nice road rash on my thigh and butt.  It’s amazing how you can get injured through two layers of clothing (shorts and tights), without the clothing getting damaged.

Aches now.  It’s going to hurt in the morning.

But, I was pleased with a 2 hour, 32 mile ride.  Nice average.  And that included the crash, another stop a bit further on to assess damage (to me, already knew the bike was OK), and a couple of roadwork halts.  If I can hit a 16mph average for the Ironman, that’ll give me a seven hour ride!  Good target to aim for.

8 hours total training this week, upping the ante a bit next week.  Longer run and ride next weekend.  Looking forward to it!

And now, Sunday evening is my official ’3 bottles of beer’ night, with Monday as rest day.  And… time for number one.

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