It’s good to step back from things sometimes, take a look at what you’re doing and where you’re at.  I do this with my writing career, and I reckon 7 weeks into a 30 week Ironman training programme is a good time to do it too.


Firstly, I know I’m rarely hitting my training targets time-wise.  This troubles me.  I’m not too worried about juggling a session around from day to day if I need to — or even spending time on the turbo instead of out on the bike (more of that soon) — but at this early stage, not hitting the hours I probably should be is worrying.  Not getting too hung up on this yet — lighter mornings and evenings will stretch the day’s training potential as the year goes on — but it’s a concern that needs addressing.

Also, I’m not happy with the time I’m spending on the bike.  Turbo sessions should only substitute short bike sessions, or be extra over the training scheduled.  I’ve only done one ride over 50 miles, ever, and with less than 6 months to go before Ironman, this is my biggest concern.  I know I can run the marathon.  I’m pretty confident now than I’ll be able to swim the 2.4 miles comfortably.  But the bike… again, needs addressing.

Diet.  Right, my weight feels pretty good, and my body’s definitely changing shape.  I feel better than I ever have, and at 43 that’s a good thing to be able to say.  My drinking is down to a couple of beers on a Sunday evening, and maybe a glass or two of wine one day in the week.  But … I still eat crappy food.  I do eat good food, and quite a lot of it.  But there are cakes, and biscuits, and crisps with my name on them.

So.  Action plan.

  • Work harder to meet scheduled training hours.
  • Work harder on the bike, get out more instead of jumping on the turbo, and especially concentrate on those long rides.
  • Cut down on crap foods, eat better.  I’ll always have treats.  But not 17 times per day.
  • And a bit more strength training.  I do several sessions per week on core strength/fitness, but I’m wondering about fitting in a gym session on a Friday morning before a swim.

There are positives, of course!  I ran a 10k yesterday and beat my previous best by 5 minutes, running in at 47 minutes and finishing 77th in a field of 345 runners, lots of them serious club runners.  So something’s going right with my running!  My swimming’s also coming along really well.  Best thing I ever did was to join NEWT.

I’m not too worried by the above points, especially as there’s time to address them.  It’s not a commitment thing… I’m 100% dedicated.  It’s a time management issue.  I have the time.  Got to manage it better.

Onwards!  Bolton awaits.

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