I’m back!  Training for the Outlaw in July, I thought I’d keep track of my monthly training logs.  Maybe it’ll be interesting, maybe not.  Let me know!

This month I ran 45 miles, swam 5 miles, and cycled 133 miles, as well as 4 hours’ turbo training (or as I like to call it, Beelzebub’s Bastard Bike).  A gentle month to ease into 2015.  Visited the physio about my shoulders (giving me a bit of pain), and that’s ongoing.  Bit of muddy mountain biking, which has been fun!  And riding my new bike … mmm, lovely.  Trouble is, this time of year it’s 30 minutes minimum to clean it up after a ride!  Gotta look after this baby.  My wife says my study it ‘too bikey’, with my new steed and my old bike on the turbo.

I suggest it’s not bikey enough.  Maybe I should move my MTB in, too.

I’ve committed to cycling 2015 miles this year, so 133, in January, is a good first month.  The heaviest training months for ironman will be 400-500 mile months, so I’m hoping to hit the target easily.

More soon!  Am I a big kid hoping for some snow to run and MTB in next month?

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